Tips to Support Your Student at Home

Every Student CAN Succeed in Math!

At Curriculum Associates, we believe every student can be a “math person” with the right mindset and the knowledge that tackling math problems involves more than memorizing a series of steps. It also requires the ability to unpack new or unfamiliar math situations and make connections to different strategies and models.


i-Ready Classroom Mathematics was created to help your student develop these skill sets, and with your support, grow into a confident and competent mathematician. Check out the tips and resources below to help you empower and inspire your student.

Top Five Tips for Helping Your Student Succeed in Math

  1. Create an organized, quiet, and well-lit space where your student can focus.
  2. Make math a family affair by involving your student in the family budget, cooking together, or playing math games.
  3. Encourage conversations and questions about math and search for solutions to problems together.
  4. Support positive thinking by modeling a can-do attitude. Avoid comments such as, “I am not a math person.”
  5. Promote a growth mindset by praising your student for effort and persistence rather than being “right” or “smart.”

Resources for Learning Together

Promoting Math Talk

Strengthening Understanding

Partnering with Your Student’s Teacher

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